I wanted my daughter’s baptism to be special. It was thanks to the intricately designed blanket Jonilynn custom created for the occasion. With the Madonna and Child and carefully placed jewels to sparkle just so, the blanket embodied the spirit of a baptism – pure and divine.


The custom baptismal blanket was nothing I had ever seen!  The white rosette satin fabric was elegant and beautiful – and the personalized embroidery work was amazing.  I am sure it will be a treasure for a lifetime – if not for generations! What a special gift! 


 Several months ago I had the privilege of meeting Jonilynn of Jonilynn Designs.  She brought a few of her exquisite Madonna and Child quilts with her for me to see.  I was captivated with their beauty.  Mother Mary has always held a place of importance in my life.  She has always symbolized the best of beauty, intelligence, grace, nurturance, and importance, of both womanhood and motherhood.  I have recently devoted a part of my home to a sacred space.  I have a small altar with things of value to me, to remind me on a daily basis what is important.  I knew immediately That I wanted one of these gorgeous quilts as a wall hanging in my prayer/meditation room/ with the addition of my Mother Mary quilt, I finally feel like my space is complete.  Thank you Jonilynn! It’s really an honor to have something of such beauty.