about us

Jonilynn Gearhart is the founder, owner, and creative director for Jonilynn Designs.  

For Jonilynn, creating limited-edition, one-of-a-kind distinctive blanket designs is a dream come true. Jonilynn’s career as a Neonatal ICU Registered Nurse in Phoenix, Arizona honed her awareness of a baby’s senses. Witnessing spiritual/human connection aided by symbols during the baby’s critical beginning of life is where her love of design began.

Jonilynn intertwines her love of symbolism and iconic figures with rich unique fabrics to advance the power of healing.  

Each unique blanket provides a strong sense of security and connection that words cannot explain. Taking her designs to the next level, she wanted to represent a special occasion in a way that had never been represented before.  

Jonilynn wanted to start a tradition that could be passed down through generations. To accomplish this dream Jonilynn developed a team of artisans specializing in embroidery, quilting, and customization culminating in the custom-made creation of Jonilynn Designs.  

Jonilynn’s creations have been sold throughout the world.