Jonilynn Gearhart

Founder, owner & creative blanket designer of Jonilynn Designs, embraces symbolism. Symbols have been used for centuries to provide a spiritual connection, give strength and comfort to look forward to a new day. Whether experiencing a birth, or a loss, symbolism can be used to bring peace and comfort to the heart. It creates a foundation for transition. Jonilynn only works with the finest artisans to create beautiful imaginative creations, and hopes that everyone can be comforted by one of her designs.

Jeannine Heller

Jeannine earned her degree in Textiles & Clothing/Art and has been teaching at the community college level since 1992 in the Technology/Consumer Science Department. She has operated her own business, Jeannine Rene' Clothiers, for many years and in that capacity has specialized in custom fit while designing one-of-a-kind garments, including bridal/formal wear, everyday wardrobes, costumes and even a flak jacket for soldiers in the US Army. She has been active in several professional and non-profit organizations both on the local and national level.

Jan Kinemond

Jan has worked in the sewing industry for Husqvarna Viking over 20 years, from teaching to managing. She owns and operates an embroidery, digitizing and sewing business as well as teaches

Cindy Stahl

Cindy has grown up behind a sewing machine and has a love of all things fiber and thread. Her mother & grandmother helped to instill a deep love of sewing at an early age. She is a professional longarm quilter and she continues to share the love by teaching sewing, quilting & embroidery classes at various places which will also soon include the Flying Pig Studio of which she is the owner/operator and is to be opened in 2014.