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The Madonna & Child Collection—focusing on rich fabrics and symbolism of love--encapsulates the warmth and beauty that surrounds a child and makes a perfect gift. Each handmade baby blanket is created with the same care and exquisite details that a loving family member would be honored to share with a new baby, child, grandchild, godchild, niece, nephew, or dear friend. The Madonna & Child Collection not only signifies a special time in a new baby's life, but also represents the growing love and comfort in powerful symbolism that wraps the baby in luxurious closeness, can be proudly displayed or included alongside baby bedding as the child grows, and passed down through generations as a beautiful family heirloom. The spiritual guidance and familial presence as depicted in each Madonna & Child quilts are sure to become a wonderful tradition to be passed down, along with a lifetime of memories and generational love. The perfect unique gift for a personalized baby gift, Christmas gift, Mother's Day gift, Christening or Baptism gift, or baby shower gift is made easy with many designs and price levels to choose from this collection.

Each blanket is handmade, ensuring the utmost quality in craftsmanship as is taken with the fabrics chosen for every limited edition creation. Rich satins--custom-tailored with Italian laces and pearls--provide couture framework for the breathtaking spiritual and religious presence of the Madonna & Child portrayed through free-form quilting, while the love and ethereal safety of this compelling image surrounds your baby's delicate skin as surely as your close embrace. A thoughtful gift that will forever be treasured, the personalized quilts of the Madonna & Child Collection commemorate special occasions for the child in your life, from birth, christening, baptism, or special dedication. Monogrammed personalization is available; assuring that every handmade gift is as unique and memorable as the occasion. All Madonna & Child designs are proudly made in the USA.

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