September 12, 2015 Is it Cancer that is evil or the treatment?

Lately, while I am out and about my conversations with others include knowing someone close that is dealing with some form of cancer.  I find this topic frustrating and confusing as I lost my mother 17 years ago to breast cancer and my father 12 years ago to prostate cancer.  It was a very difficult time to endure watching someone you love fight for their life.

Today, I have a friend that is dealing with ovarian cancer.  Family and friends receive email updates from her husband on changes and progress.  The last email touched my heart and answered my question why I was always and still frustrated and confused with cancer.  I received permission to share these raw emotions that are filled with love and compassion.

A few years ago I was part of a non-profit group working on early lung cancer detection.  I wrote a script on our efforts to use in a short video.  I did my research on cancer, its treatment and described our efforts.  I was pleased with the results.  I learned a great deal at the time, so I thought.  Now I know that I knew very little.  Cancer is evil, it is the devil of all diseases.  It is cruel and heartless.  It is painful and teases your emotions.  It takes you to the lowest depths of your bodies tolerance, then gives you hope with a brief reprieve.  And then, in a flash, it slams you back to the ground where you feel like you have been stomped on by the demon himself.  But the reality is more startling in that this devils brutality is the treatment, not the disease.  In perspective, the disease left un-battled will merely kill you.  The treatment, tests your will to live.

It seems cancer is here to stay and hope with all the funds that go into research and development a cure will be found.  In the meantime, how can we the husband, wife, daughter, son, friend the caregiver help?  Love and support them and "Just Imagine" -- Hope, strength, bravery, and healing.






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i too have had a close family member die of cancer. It was awful watching him go thru the treatment. What's so sad is how hard horrible it is to the body- both the disease and the "treatment". I watched the body die while the mind stayed active. Very sad. I hope a cure is found for it. Too many unknowns about it still.
- Val on Sep 17, 2015