July 15, 2014 Bond Between a Mother and Child

Hello, fans and friends!  We recently introduced the “Madonna & Child Collection.”  You may ask, as many have asked me, why “Madonna & Child?”  If you recall in my “Philosophy,” I embrace symbolism.  To many the Madonna & Child represents the religious iconic Mother Mary and Baby Jesus.  I, too, see Mother Mary and Baby Jesus, but the feelings and thoughts I have are much stronger. 

It represents a bond between a mother and child.  That she will always be there at the beginning and may be physically or in spirit at the end of your life.  This bond also represents a grandmother, aunt, sister, and /or a special person.  Someone you have a special relationship with and know they will always keep you close to their hearts.  It’s a feeling and a sense of security you have when that person is not with you physically.  Even as a little girl, as I was growing up, the image of the Madonna & Child brought peace to my heart.

Back in 2010, I had the opportunity to travel to Florence, Italy.  I met my father’s side of his family that he did not even know existed.  An amazing trip to explore and discovered that my ancestors were Royalty and have a Family Crest.  The most intriguing discovery was in the 1400’s, my ancestor Pagno di Lapo Portigiani was an Italian Renaissance Decorative Sculptor.  One of his most notable pieces is the “Madonna & Child” at the Museo dell’ Opera del Duomo.

Is it fate, a coincidence, or is a part of my history to carry Pagno di Lapo’s legacy?  Madonna & Child is not only symbolic to me but for my family in Italy.  A beautiful iconic image loved for many centuries all over the world.

What symbol/symbols do you connect with and why?

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- Fiona Finn on Aug 28, 2014